With this guide you will learn how to use and configure mowplayer

Video Articles

Video article is the best way to optimize and boost the views of all your videos. In a few simple steps you will be able to create a full native video widget that you can place among all your website.

  • Default Video Article

    In the Video Article Section you will find a default code that its already connected to all your videos automatically, You can simple use this code directly into your website.

  • Custom Video Article

    You can also create custom video article based on your categories or custom tags. In the Video Article section Click + Video Articles button.

  • Define your Widget

    Fill out the info of your video Article widget and define the behavior and category.

  • Video Article Info.

    Your widget will use text and redirect link from the description and URL that you 've defined in the Video upload popup, Remember to complete this info properly.

  • Now your custom Widget is created. Video Article is a great way to spread your video activity all over your website. This will increase your traffic and user engagement with real native video content.